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Quivers Drinks has been supplying alcoholic vodka test tube drinks to venues across the UK since 2003. Since then Quivers has sold millions of test tube drinks nationally to party goers.

Quivers test tubes is the Uk’s biggest operator in test tube drinks market and is enjoyed by thousands everyday!

Quivers Drinks are compliant with The Portman Group Code of Practice.

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Quivers has been supplying venues with test tube alcoholic drinks for over 14 years, Quivers is the largest supplier of test tube floor sales within the UK and works with most of the biggest corporate chains.

Quivers operate weekly by providing floor sales ambassadors and stock to venues free of charge, ambassadors sell test tube drinks to party goers at floor level.End of each night, monies generated from sales is generously split with the venue.

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Strawberry vodka flavoured alcoholic drink with a 20ml volume. One of Quivers most popular drinks sold throughout the UK. An exquisite taste of strawberry and ice cream, a sweet tasting drink leaving an enjoyable after taste.

Apple Sour

A tangy mouth watering flavour of the apple sour vodka is a hit with most people. A sweet apple flavour mixed with a zingy twist.

Blue Raspberry

Raspberry vodka flavoured alcohol drink within a 20ml volume. Another popular flavour whcih is sold across the UK.

This sweet raspberry, not only leaves a enjoyable after taste, also giving a mild bite with every mouthful.

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Quivers is constantly seeking confident outgoing ambassadors on self employed basis to represent the brand across venues within the UK.

All ambassadors must be 18 or over.

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